Registered Providers


We have established a successful partnership with one of the leading Registered Providers in the North East which has enabled us to deliver much-needed affordable homes through our developments. We are constantly seeking to build relationships with other Registered Providers to deliver high quality homes throughout the North East & North Yorkshire regions.

Our collaborative approach allows us to take into account the requirements of the Planners, the Registered Provider and their Tenants. As with our partnership arrangements this revolves around our professional “Turn Key” development service. This commences with understanding the Client’s aspiration and requirements, whether it is for a modest scheme or a multi-unit development for social housing, rental or sale. Having identified the proposed site and orchestrating the purchase of the land, we take the concept through the design, planning, statutory authority & building regulation process before handing it over to our construction team to create the desired project ready for habitation.

Our homes consider social, economic and environmental values and are built to meet sustainable standards. Our experienced Staff are fully trained and experienced to meet the requirements of our Clients by utilising safe, affordable, innovative solutions throughout the building process resulting in quality homes that families are proud to live in.